Сообщения за Октябрь, 2008

Establishment of network graphics applications.

Author: O. Shalnev Rendered: D. Katsera

Reflecting on the situation in developing client-server systems that were forced to tasks, which require a different approach to that, which is now available on the market. A history of network applications is well-known. From the early evolution of terminal stations led to a file-server solution, and then, with the advent of database servers, to the classic client-server systems, consisting of 2 parts, Server databases and "client". Such a scheme and now enjoys a well-deserved popularity and the nature of the popularity of technological simplicity of implementation architecture client-server. Access to database opened developer opportunities to manipulate the data masking mechanism for the exchange of information between the client and the server. The objective was the implementation of the programmer-friendly user interface and development of effective SQL queries. But on the other side of the weights are drawbacks 2 bridge model. Fir…